UBC Solar | Recent Update

    This is UBC Solar’s Update:   Our team has grown a lot during over the past few months. As first-year tutorial is now over, our “previously new” members now found their place in the electrical team and the mechanical team. Our recruitment in MECH 2 also succeeded and  the mechanical team now has 10 people and we have… Read more

UBC Solar | August Update

It’s finally the end of our summer holiday. It’s good to be back in school! August has been a very productive month for solar. We have completed our buck converter and mounted all of our solar cells. Not only we had technological breakthrough, from August 18 to 20, we were honoured to be at the Green Scene at PNE Fair… Read more

UBC Solar | July Update

by Joanne Chow It’s nice to finally see the sun in Vancouver. Welcome, summer! And what can demonstrate the power of the sun better than a solar car built by UBC students? After hours of hard work, we have finally mounted the solar cells modules on our car. The printed circuit board of our maximum power point tracker has finally… Read more

UBC Solar | June Update

May and June have been two very busy months for UBC Solar. First up, structural team has been working on the canopy of the car. The photo below is the mould of the canopy, taken outside engineering design center on our Saturday meeting. Electrical team has been working with the solar cell circuit. We have placed the solar cells on… Read more

UBC Solar | March Update

by TY Chow Time flies and it’s almost the end of an amazing school year! We wish your year is as awesome as ours because this year, UBC Solar had made great progress on our solar car! First’s up – we have done some outreach at E-Fest 2012 at Vancouver Public Library Central Branch. We met many people, mostly students… Read more

UBC Solar | February Update

by Joanne Chow Happy Reading Week!  We’ve made great progress over the last few weeks.  Our aeroshell mould is almost complete and we are a few short weeks away from the final aeroshell itself.  Below is a picture of our areoshell mould in Maple Ridge.  We have put down the first layer of fibre-glass for the mould and we will… Read more

UBC Solar | January Update

by Joanne Chow It’s January. Students have returned back to school, our project team meetings have resumed,  and we have good news to report. First, news from the mechanical team. The design stage is going well and the implementation of the physical system is also done. Team members are busy working on documentation, such as the length of every nail,… Read more

UBC Solar | December Update

by Joanne Chow UBC Solar is an interdepartmental student team dedicated to planning, designing, and building a solar powered vehicle. Our long term goals include raising awareness of sustainable technology and demonstrating innovation through solar powered technology. We are currently building our first solar racing vehicle, Raven I. Once Raven I is completed, we will drive around the Greater Vancouver… Read more

UBC Solar

Project Title: UBC Solar UBC Solar is a student engineering team at UBC. Our objective is to promote public awareness in sustainability and encourage further technical innovation and application of solar technologies, especially as it relates to automotive technologies. We mean to achieve this goal through the design and construction of a vehicle powered solely by the sun, demonstrating the… Read more