Evaluation Criteria

Your application will be evaluated based on its contribution to the following goals of the Fund:

Reduction of Ecological Footprint: Submissions that propose methods to reduce the ecological footprint of physical operations on campus and promote sustainable behavior among UBC students will be prioritized in this category. Projects should aim to address one or more of the following: sustainable behavior, energy, water, carbon emissions, waste, living systems or pollutants. Focus will be given to projects that show linkages to sustainability planning at UBC and can demonstrate a clear connection to resources on campus. Proposals must demonstrate how they plan to impact the ecological footprint of UBC with a clear logic and definitive areas which will be addressed.

Increased Student Engagement: Projects will gain favor in this category by demonstrating a clear goal toward enhanced sustainability of the social environment at UBC by creating student volunteer opportunities, skill enhancement outlets for UBC students, developing leadership opportunities and providing the potential for sustained funding of student jobs. Projects that create social cohesion, ideally across an interdisciplinary environment will receive priority here.

Education and Outreach : Proposals that can demonstrate a clear contribution to the educational aspect of sustainability while providing a linkage to UBC and the greater community will meet the aims of this category. By integrating with courses, opening opportunities for community engagement and also providing a visual presence for sustainability, funded projects can raise the profile of sustainability at UBC. Projects must also demonstrate a plan for engaging stakeholders. Advertising and publicity must be considered with a focus on raising awareness among students at UBC.

Longevity and Feasibility: Developing an ambitious proposal that also integrates a demonstrated path to success is a core component of a project that will receive funding. A clear plan for the end of the project term will either identify opportunities for sustained operation, lasting impact or a scope that can allow for integration into the current processes of UBC or the AMS. Each project must assess the economic, social and environmental aspect of their work. Projects must incorporate a plan which demonstrates awareness of long-term needs.

Impact at UBC : Priority will be given to projects that can demonstrate an impact on UBC’s Point Grey Campus or in the University Endowment Lands

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