Kasha Foster: Sustainability Coordinator

Kasha's web bio pic Kasha is a 4th year student in the Global Resource Systems Program, focusing her studies on sustainability. She enjoys helping students pursue projects that provide innovative solutions to sustainability challenges, and is particularly passionate about waste management and the prospects of zero waste initiatives. Within the AMS and on a number of UBC committees Kasha represents the voice of students concerned about sustainability. For inquiries regarding new project ideas, existing projects and programs, event collaboration, operational sustainability at the AMS, participation on the Sustainability Projects Fund Committee, and anything else related to sustainability, get in touch with Kasha (contact info below) and she will ensure you receive the support you need.

Contact Kasha :                                                                                                                E: [email protected]
T: 604 822 6868

Office Hours
By appointment

Office: Room 3125, located on the third floor of the AMS Student Nest