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One of our SPF recipients, Dominique, arranged a cricket brownie taste test where participants chose either cricket brownies or normal brownies, and were then asked to do a quick survey on their choice. Would you be able to tell the difference? You'll have to try to find out!
One of the primary objectives of the UBC Electric Car Club (now rebranded as UBC Formula Electric) is to build awareness of sustainability in transportation. We focus therefore on Electric Vehicles (EVs) as they provide an excellent means to reduce the emissions due to road transportation, which in Canada account for 19% of total greenhouse gas emissions. The battery upgrade project sponsored by AMS Sustainability showcased the capabilities of electric vehicles and provide a space for students to knowledge and skills related to electric vehicles.
UBCC350 hosted an on-campus candidates debate to encourage the student vote and inform voters on the environmental platforms of local candidates in the most recent federal election.
The Student Sustainability Networking event provided opportunities for interested individuals to network with club leaders and staff members to learn more about UBC’s sustainability initiatives and practices.
Winter Fest was a celebration of the UBC community’s commitment to sustainability
that included a variety of sustainability-related workshops and locally sourced food, while
provoking thoughtful discussion amongst students on how to improve our community through the realms of social sustainability and outdoor appreciation.
The Outdoor Grasshopper Project was an attempt to breed grasshoppers to use as food. A workshop and bug tasting was held in October with the grasshoppers. Interest in breeding insects as food for humans and animal feed is greatly increasing in North America and Europe. In the right conditions, it takes considerably fewer resources to farm insects than other livestock (e.g. water).
Last October, the Integrated Sciences Students Association hosted a Halloween event called the Speed Pumpkin Carving Contest. The purpose of this event was to promote student involvement and collaboration but also to show students that it’s possible to host any kind of event and make it sustainable.
The UBC Supermileage Team is a group of 63 dedicated engineering students working to design and build fuel-efficient, gasoline-powered vehicles for the Shell Eco-Marathon Americas, and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Supermileage competitions.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Law or medical school? Grad school? Entrepreneurship? Question is: From volunteering to work experience, how do you even get there? The purpose of the United Way Community Conference (UWCC) was to help students leverage their skills to get the career they want.

On March 12th, the UWCC provided a professional development perspective to volunteerism and working in the nonprofit sector. It featured  workshops to help students think outside of the box by identifying their strengths and networking strategically. 

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