Funded Projects & Events

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SCARP Symposium
VICurra Cricket Farming
LEED Workshop
F Word Conference 2016
Go Clean or Go Home
Inaugural Systems Thinking Sustainability Month
Journal of Political Studies
AMS Solepower Station Improvement
FSAE Formula Electric
Foreshore Project
Farmade 2016
Mugshare UBC


Digital Waste Management
UBC Roofop Garden Club
Journal of Political Science
2015 UBC Farm Symposium
UBC Electric Car Club
UBC Emerging Green Builders
Talk Green To Me
Pedal Powered Charging Station
“The Perch” Patio Heating: Heated Seats
AMS Safewalk Vehicle Subsidy
GSA Sustainability in Action 2015
Sustainability Research Symposium
Engineers for a Sustainable World
Social Enterprice Club Conference
AMS Canning Workshops
Wild About Vancouver
AMS Student Nest Building Dashboard
Musqueam Weaving Commission
Place Based Activism and Spiritual Practice Event Series (SSSEA)
Water & Environment Student Talks (WEST) 2015
Outdoor Grasshopper Farming
Student Volunteering Program
UBC Farm Seed Hub
UBC Reads Sustainability 15/16
Lenses of Sustainability
UBC Student Sustainability Council
UBC Bike Co-op
2015 Climate Debate
Chasing Sustainability
Student Residence Waste Behavior
Totem Energy Behavior
Student Sustainability Network Event
Seed Pumpkin Carving
UBC Debate Society
EGB Documentary Screening
SEEDS Mushroom Furniture
Architecture & Sustainability
IONA Journal of Economics
SLC Workshop
Sprouts/Seedlings Mugshare
Sustainability Fair 2016
Sustainability Research Symposium 2016
Feeding 9 Billion Challenge
UBC Supermileage Team
Hydroponics Workshop Series
Case Study Sort-It-Out
Green Pursuit
UBC Journal of International Affairs
Water & Environment Talks (WEST) 2016
Winter Fest
United Way Conference


Efficiency Club: Power Strip Project
CUS Chasing Sustainability
UBC E-Racing
Spiritual Ecologies and New Cosmologies Convergence
Thermal Energy Storage
‘Into the Ether’ – Paper Experienced as Ethereal
UBC Chem-E-Car
Sustainability Fair 2014
UBC Farm Seed Hub


Let’s Make It! So good!
Sustainability and Cosmology
Local Sustainability | Showcase: Surrey
Water Consumption Marketing Project
Waterless Toilet
UBC Food Systems Map
UBC Journal of International Affairs
Green Seal
Botanical Garden Stormwater Management
Back to the Hanky Campaign
Albus Project
Electric Mini Project
UBC Net Impact Conference 2013
UBC Sustainability Fair 2013
Tap That Campaign


GSA Sustainability in Action! Series
UNA Sub-metering
Do It In the Dark
gLiving Bike Project
Seed Saving Project
Greenhouse Fence Project
New SUB Sustainability Art: Biowall
New SUB Sustainability Art: Hourglass
New SUB Sustainability Art: Clouds
New SUB Sustainability Art: Timber
New SUB Sustainability Art: Runoff
Honeybee Engagement Project
Common Energy
“Bikes on Hand” Bikeshare
Geography Student’s Association GeoGarden
SUB Worm Composting
Paper Towel Composting
Acadia Park Buddy Family Pilot Project
Chew on This
UBC Electric Beetle Car Club Winter Trip
CHBE Sustainability Biodiesel
UBC Solar
UBC’s Got Skillz
Scavenger Hunt App
LFS Orchard Garden Vermiculture