Funding Partners

So you have a project or a cool idea, now what? We always strongly recommend that projects find a related and established group to pitch their project scope to. In the past, projects have found many different benefits from doing this as part of their planning process. You may receive feedback on your idea from groups that have had experience with related issues. You may be able to refine the scope of your project in a way that is more feasible. Perhaps a staff or student executive will take an interest and sign on as a project partner. This guarantees that someone on campus will actually use or implement the results of your project. Here is a list of UBC groups that have been involved in student project in the past, if you still are not too sure about who to turn to with your idea, just ask us and we’ll figure it out with you!

Operational :

  • AMS Sustainability
    • AMS Food and Beverage Department
    • AMS Conferences and Catering
    • AMS Facilities and Security
  • UBC Office of Energy and Water
  • UBC Office of Campus and Community Planning
  • UBC University Sustainability Initiative
  • UBC Payment and Procurement Services
  • UBC Risk Management
  • UBC Student Housing and Hospitality Services
    • UBC Catering and Conferences
  • UBC Security
  • UBC Centre for Sustainable Food Systems (UBC Farm)
  • UBC Food Services

Multigroup Collaborations:

  • UBC Zero Waste Committee
  • UBC Fair Trade Committee
  • UBC Student Sustainability Council

Engagement/Student Events:

  • Sustainability Ambassadors program (USI)
  • Common Energy (USI)
  • Sustainability in Residence (REZLIFE)
  • Student Environment Centre

Political :

  • UBC Green Party
  • UBC Liberals Party
  • Vision Vancouver
  • UBCc350 (DivestUBC)

Business/Financial feasibility:

  • Social Enterprise Club
  • CUS Sustainability
  • VanCity