AMS Sustainability Projects Fund

The AMS Sustainability Projects Fund (SPF) was established in September 2011, when UBC students passed a successful referendum to support student-initiated sustainability projects, through a $2.25 per student fee each year. The SPF encourages an environmentally conscious culture, by funding student-led projects that reduce the ecological footprint of UBC students and their campus. In the past, we have funded projects for as much as $10,000! Any UBC student is more than welcome to apply. For more information about the fund, check out the SPF Guide .

If you have something in mind, drop us a line by filling out the form in the sidebar, and, after we get in contact with you (which is very soon), you can check out the checklist and documents needed to apply for funding down below.


  1. All proposals: please download the Application Form for submission.
  2. We evaluate submissions with this criteria ; being familiar with it will help you write your proposal.
  3. Please be very descriptive with your budget items. Here is an example of a bad budget , and here is a good one .
  4. Large proposals (>$5000) applications: please download the Letter of Intent Template, complete it and attach it in your submission.
  5. If the project involves modifying the physical environment of the campus or working with a campus resource, please download the Approval Form and have it signed by all project stakeholders, ready to attach to your submission
  6. Check if your project is in line with the AMS Sustainability Projects Fund Partnerships. If so, you can receive priority for your project! Please indicate so in your application’s project description.
  7. If your project is the result of a particular program at UBC, please indicate so in your application form to lend your application even stranger credibility. We are particularly familiar with and welcome projects submitted from the SEEDS program, Common Energy committees, the Sustainability Ambassador Peer program and the Undergraduate Research Opportunities program.
  8. Last but not least, submit the application by emailing all required forms to Aida Mwanzia at [email protected]

Please direct any questions by email to Aida at [email protected]

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