AMS purchases and uses environmentally-friendly products as much as possible, and is planning on collaborating with UBC Supply Management to support suppliers of socially and environmentally responsible products and services. With the support from AMS managers, we’ve made good progress in lessening our environmental impact in several areas:

  1. Communication Department
    • All AMS insider agenda and mini-brochures are printed on FSC paper with environmentally-friendly inks and aqueous varnishes. To minimize packaging, no shrink wrap is used for shipping.
    • In 2009, all AMS promotional items are made from either biodegradable or recycled materials.
    • All display boards and banners for the Student Union Building are made from biodegradable foamcore and Bioflex.
    • All clothing is sweat-shop free.
  2. AMS Copyright has switched to 30 per cent post consumer recycled paper since 1999.
  3. Food and Beverage Department.
    • As of 2008, all coffee cups are compostable at AMS food outlets. In November 2009, all plastic cutlery and 1000ml foam containers were replaced with compostable ones. The department is looking to switch to 100 per cent compostable containers in 2010.
    • All coffee is certified organic, shade grown, and Fair Trade since 2004.
    • All eggs are cage free. Most of the vegetables are purchased from local farmers when in season.
    • For more information on purchasing initiatives from Food and Beverage Department, click here .

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