Bikes on Hand | June Update

by Roli Wilhelm Hello UBC and beyond!       We inaugurated our program on June 30th with with a friendly, local race and a reception with fruit smoothies and homemade French fries. Our beautiful multi-purpose bikes are in the final stages of construction and are having their bells (literally) and whistles put on, including rear-baskets. The relay race took… Read more

Bikes On Hand | May Update

We’re starting to kick it into high gear! There is no lack of news to share even though our bikes have still to hit the road (construction @ Bike Kitchen pictured). The slow build time is resulting from an unexpected change-over in staff at the Kitchen and, of course, the timing of the launch: we are competing with spring tune-ups.… Read more

“Bikes On Hand” Bikeshare

Bikes On-Campus, On-Demand Student residences at UBC, like Green College, attract out-of-town and out-of-country students who arrive without a suitable means of local transportation and who often have substantive need for acquiring basic goods and a connection to the greater community. Bike sharing provides for these early needs and promotes a bike-centric lifestyle to students, which ultimately supports community events,… Read more