The Biodiesel project consists of two students that work on a biodiesel plant and promote the project at UBC. The goal of the project is to test the production of biodiesel from waste oil. The long term goal is to encourage the construction of a larger economically sustainable biodiesel plant. Reducing the Ecological Footprint of UBC Campus is a high… Read more

Vlog: BioDiesel

Since 2011, the members of the BioDiesel project have used funding from the AMS Sustainability Fund to get the boost they needed to begin making a more sustainable fuel here on the UBC campus. The biodiesel project team has made amazing strides in reducing the emissions of UBC’s vehicle fleet by converting waste oil, and vegetable oil into vehicle grade… Read more
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CHBE Sustainability Club: Biodiesel | November Update

Biodiesel on the road at UBC! Biodiesel, produced by the CHBE Sustainability Club, was put into the tank of the UBC Housing and Hospitality Services truck on November 5th. This is an important milestone in the most recent incarnation of the UBC biodiesel project because the fuel has actually been put to use in a UBC vehicle. The truck was… Read more
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Biodiesel | June Update

A long-term goal for the Biodiesel Project is to sustain itself financially by selling biodiesel. If we’re going to sell our biodiesel, we need a high-quality product, and we should be able to deliver it safely and consistently. Recently at the Biodiesel Project, we’ve been developing procedures for testing and delivering our product. Running a miniature fuel station isn’t something… Read more
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Student Reports on Biodiesel Production at UBC

Over a dozen students in the Applied Sciences 262 course took an in-depth look at the potential for biodiesel production at UBC. Now that one of the AMS Sustainability Projects Fund teams are working on brewing biodiesel on campus, now is an opportunity to examine if UBC can support replacing its fuel needs with biodiesel. Five teams examined various aspects… Read more

CHBE Sustainability Biodiesel | February Update

by James Butler, President, CHBE Sustainability Club Now we’re cooking with biodiesel! In January we made our first batch (50L) of biodiesel using the production plant in the Chemical and Biological Engineering (CHBE) Building. In one end of the reactor we put fresh vegetable oil (freight damaged and no good for people to use), methanol (obtained from UBC solvent recovery)… Read more
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CHBE Sustainability Biodiesel

Project Title: CHBE Sustainability Biodiesel The CHBE Sustainability Club will produce biodiesel from waste cooking oil using an existing production plant to prove its viability and enhance its performance. This would be accomplished through the production and sale of 500L of biodiesel.     Project Started: December 2011 Student Applicant: James Butler AMS Sustainability Funding: $1975… Read more