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Sustainability Movie Night – The Clean Bin Project

Thank you to everyone who came out to our first Sustainability Movie Night! We gathered in the beautiful space of the CIRS building, and had the pleasure of having tea and brownies provided by Sprouts cafe before the movie. We then watched The Clean Bin Project, a documentary made in Vancouver! Jen, Grant, and Rhyannon pledged to try to buy no more “stuff” and produce zero landfill waste for one year – more than a year later they continue to live the project now. The movie is eye-opening, touching, and inspiring. They recommend to choose one sustainable action and do your very best to stick to your promise. Starting with one promise is helpful when sometimes the challenge of changing our society seems overwhelming. You can do it! Some possibilities include not using plastic bags, and composting. You can find more resources, and find kindred spirits in sustainability at cleanbinproject.com.
After the movie many people had conversations in the CIRS building. This was a chance for people to share thoughts of the movie, share perspectives and stories surrounding sustianability, and to provide support for others ideas. We enjoyed local food dishes prepared by members of the UBC clubs who organized the event. Some of the dishes were fruit skewers and yogurt, quiche, and roasted root veggies. We showed where our ingredients came from on a bulls-eye poster, the centre of which was local Vancouver. A good resource at UBC is Sprouts, where you can have healthy meals and organize with friends to buy a bulk bag of your favorite vegetable or grain. Another great thing to do is become involved with local farms – a good list to start from is Metro Vancouver City Farms.
We hope that bringing people together to see The Clean Bin Project and to have dialogue gave hope and inspiration to create and celebrate a healthier, more sustainable society.
A big thank you to the AMS Sustianability Projects Fund for sponsoring the event.

Sustainability Movie Night | Wednesday, March 21st

The first Sustianability Movie Night will show The Clean Bin Project, will be held on Wednesday, March 21st at 5:00 pm in the CIRS Lecture Hall, and includes a discussion and light dinner (please bring your own container and utensils).

The Sustainability Movie Nights are intended to share ideas of and approaches to sustainability from many perspectives. Through discussions and activities such as potlucks we hope to create a great space for dialogue and the building of solidarity between members of the UBC community.

On our first movie night we will show The Clean Bin Project, an inspiring story of three Vancouverites who set a goal of zero landfill waste for one year. Jenna, Grant, and Rhyannon do not buy any material goods and attempt to live without producing household garbage – and they continue to live their project today! After the movie we will invite everyone to have a meal and to share their ideas and experiences of sustainability with a new friend or a small group. The focus of this movie night will be reducing waste and learning about local, equitable, and simple food. Seven UBC clubs are collaborating to organize this event, and each will prepare a dish to share in a potluck. We will compete to find ingredients that are local, equitable, and have minimal packaging. We will share resources that we have found and hope to learn from your understanding of sustainability. Please join us to take part in watching a film, having discussion, and eating delicious food!

The Sustainability Movie Night is a part of the UBC Sustainability Education Day.

Other events on March 21st include:
Alanna Mitchell author of Sea Sick, will talk at the Ike Barber Learning Centre, Room 182 from 12-2pm. *The place may change to the CIRS Building

Sustainability Across the Curriculum Community of Practice Event. This project helps faculty to integrate sustianability into the curriculum. The event is put on in by the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT), UBC Sustianability Initiative (USI), and Common Energy UBC.
ngage with art from eARTh, a sustainability art project at CIRS